temper mill
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Our company's 1500 single machine four roll leveling machine equipment is manufactured by China First Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. with an annual production capacity of 500000 tons, capable of producing 0.2-2.0mm ordinary cold plates, and a product width of 800-1350mm. Cold rolled steel coils are annealed in a bell-type annealing furnace and then flattened using a 1500 single stand four roll leveling machine. The equipment of this unit adopts control technologies such as AC variable frequency motor drive, digital speed regulation system, hydraulic pressure up roller gap, automatic control of pressure and elongation, control system of work roll positive and negative bending rolls, and imported laser speed measurement control system to adjust, improve, and improve the surface roughness, plate shape, and other mechanical properties of steel coils, eliminate slip lines of cold rolled coils, and ensure product quality.
Basic parameters:
Steel coil grades: CQ, DQ, DDQ, HSLA
Thickness: 0.2-2 mm
Width: 800-1350 mm
Inner diameter of coil: Φ 508/ Φ 610mm
Outer diameter of coil: Φ 900~ Φ 2050 mm
Heavy steel coil weight: 28000KG
Production capacity: 500000 tons/year
Maximum leveling force: 12000 kN
Maximum leveling speed: 0-1000 meters/minute