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Rewinding unit

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The rewinding equipment of our company comes from the domestic famous company China Steel Research Xinye Group. The rewinding unit has an annual production capacity of 250,000 tons, and can produce cold coils of CQ, DQ, DDQ and other varieties. The specifications are 0.35~2.0 mm X 800~1350 mm. Product performance: tensile strength max 500N/mm2, yield strength max 300 N /mm2, the maximum design process speed of the unit is 220 m/min.
Basic parameters:
Width: 800~1350 mm
Thickness: 0.35~2.0mm
Steel coil inner diameter: Φ508 mm / Φ610mm
Raw material coil outer diameter: Φ1000~Φ2050mm
Finished steel coil outer diameter: Φ1000~Φ1500mm
Raw material maximum weight: 28,000KG
Product maximum weight: 10,000KG
Capacity: 250,000 tons/year
Maximum operating speed of the unit: 220 m/min
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