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Pickling line unit

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product description
The pickling units of our company are mainly used for cold rolling mills, and adopt international advanced advanced shallow trough turbulence pickling technology. Key equipments are imported from abroad. With its supporting facilities for environmental protection and considerable economic benefits of acid production unit. The acid regeneration production unit uses the roasting method to convert the acid from the pickling unit into available hydrochloric acid and iron oxide powder (high-quality soft magnetic material). The economic benefits are considerable, and the acid consumption per ton steel is reduced from 25kg to 2.5Kg. Effectively protect the atmosphere. After the qualified hot rolled coils are inspected and qualified, they can be trimmed after the push-pull shallow trough turbulent pickling (according to the different products, they are sometimes not directly cut out by trimming). Hot-rolled pickling rolls are widely used in the production of steam structural parts, deep drawing of home appliance compressors, and cold-rolled reprocessing.
Reference Standard: Japanese Industrial Standard: JIS G3 131
Basic parameters
Raw materials: low carbon or medium carbon hot rolled steel strip
Capacity: 600,000 tons/year
Specifications range: 1.8mm-4.0mm*800mm-1,400mm
The maximum line speed: 180m/min
Inner diameter: entrance side Φ760/610mm
Export side: Φ610mm
Outer diameter: Φ1,200mm- Φ 2,050mm
The maximum weight: 28,000kg
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