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Our company's double-stand CVC6 roll 1450mm reversible rolling mill is a complete set of equipment imported from SMS-DEMAG, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons, and can be rolled cold rolled steel sheet 0.20-2.00 mm. Product width 800-1,350 Mm. The hot-rolled steel coils are subjected to pickling in a push-pull type shallow trough turbulent acid machine and then rolled in a double-stand CVC6 roll reversing cold-rolling mill. The unit has the most advanced control technology in the contemporary world, including the most complete thickness control system and automatic detection closed-loop adjustment system consisting of three IMS thickness gauges, three LDV laser speedometers, and ABB panel gauges. Strip thickness accuracy (±3um) and straightness. Rolled hard coils can be used in hot (electric) galvanized and general cold plate substrates and tinplate substrates and other related industries.
Reference Standard: Japanese Industrial Standard: JIS G3 141 1B
Basic parameters:
Raw material: 800m - 1,350mm
Thickness: 1.8mm-4.0mm
Inner diameter: Φ610mm
The maximum weight: 28,000KG
Product Specifications: 0.2mm - 2.0mm*800m - 1,350mm
Inner diameter: Φ508mm
Maximum outside diameter: Φ2,050mm
Maximum roll weight: 28,000kg
Capacity: 500,000 tons/year
Mill Type: CVC6 Roller 1450mm High Speed ​​Reversible Mill
Rolling force: 18,000KN
Rolling speed: 1,200 m/min
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