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Galvanizing line unit

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product description
Our company's galvanizing unit adopts the most advanced and widely used American steel joint production process in the world. It has the functions of annealing, reduction, galvanizing, finishing and pull straightening. The annual production capacity is 150,000 tons. The raw material varieties are cold-rolled hard steel coils, specifications are 0.2-2.0mm*800-1,350mm, and the unit design process speed is 120m/min. The total length of the unit is approximately 209.5 meters. The company adopts advanced technology to produce large zinc flower, normal zinc flower and non-zinc flower products. At present, the company produces non-zinc flower products, set up light machine and anti-fingerprint device to produce smooth zinc flower and anti-fingerprint products. We can produce products with a zinc layer thickness of 60-275 g/m2 according to the customer's needs. The process section of the unit includes annealing, reduction, galvanizing, finishing, pull straightening and passivation (or oil coating) processes. Product performance in line with GB2518-2004 standard. This unit can use different material coils to provide high-quality galvanized products for building materials, home appliances, automobiles and other commodities under different process conditions.
Reference Standard: Japanese Industrial Standard: JIS G3 141 1B National Standard: GB2518-2004
Basic parameters
raw material:
Rolling hard product specifications: 0.18mm-1.20mm*800m-1,300mm
Inner diameter: Φ508mm
Maximum outside diameter: Φ2,050mm/max
Maximum roll weight: 28,000kg
Thickness: 0.20mm-1.20mm
Width: 800mm-1,300mm
Inner diameter: Φ508mm
Maximum roll weight: 10,000kg
Process speed: up to 120 meters/minute
Capacity: 150,000 tons/year
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