Galvanizing line unit
  • Galvanizing line unit


Our company's galvanizing unit adopts the advanced and widely used American Steel Union production process in the world, which has functions such as annealing reduction, galvanizing, finishing, and straightening. The annual production capacity is 150000 tons. The raw material variety is cold rolled hard steel coil, with specifications of 0.2-2.0mm * 800-1350mm. The maximum design process speed of the unit is 120 meters/minute. The total length of the unit is approximately 209.5 meters. The company adopts advanced technology to produce large zinc flakes, normal zinc flakes, and non zinc flake products. Currently, the company produces zinc flake free products and sets up a polishing machine and fingerprint resistant device to produce smooth zinc flakes and fingerprint resistant products. We can produce products with a zinc layer thickness between 60-275 grams/m2 according to customer needs, including annealing reduction, galvanizing, finishing, tension correction, and passivation (or oil coating) processes in the unit process section. The product performance meets the GB2518-2004 standard. This unit can choose steel coils of different materials to provide high-quality galvanized products for building materials, household appliances, automobiles, and other commodities under different process conditions.

Reference standard: Japanese Industrial Standard: JIS G3 141 1B National Standard: GB2518-2004

Basic parameters

Raw materials:

Specification of rolled hard product: 0.18mm-1.20mm * 800m-1300mm

Inner diameter: Φ 508mm

Maximum outer diameter: Φ 2050mm/max

Maximum coil weight: 28000kg


Thickness: 0.20mm-1.20mm

Width: 800mm-1300mm

Inner diameter: Φ 508mm

Maximum coil weight: 10000kg

Process speed: maximum 120 meters/minute

Production capacity: 150000 tons/year