Message from President

President's Speech

History has recorded a glorious chapter, and the times are doomed to shoulder the mission. Standing at the forefront of the 21st century, feeling the tremendous changes brought about by the rapid development of science and technology, standing on the peak and seeing farther. At the same time, it also indicates more opportunities and challenges.
As a member of the metal industry, Southeast Xinke started its business with the goal of building a modern enterprise, and creating the pride of the national industry was the responsibility of the enterprise. Looking back on the development of the southeast, every step is a sublimation of the enterprise. Hard-working and intelligent southeast people, for the construction of excellent quality sheet metal and struggle. In the pursuit of the dream of the road, Southeast people with unique courage, tireless spirit, so that the enterprise has become a leader in the sheet metal industry. The rapid development of Southeast, thanks to the support of all sectors of society over the years, and hope to cooperate with customers at home and abroad to jointly lead the development trend of the sheet metal industry. Looking to the future, we are convinced that Southeast will write a new and brilliant chapter.

Chairman's Speech