Bell furnace unit
  • Bell furnace unit


Our company's HICON/H2 strong convection full hydrogen bell-type annealing furnace has all the equipment imported from EBNER company in Austria, with an annual production capacity of 350000 tons. It can produce 0.20-2.00mm bright annealing coils with a product width of 800-1350mm. Cold rolled steel coils are cleaned by a cleaning unit, turned into coils and stacked on a furnace platform for annealing treatment. This unit is at the world's advanced level in temperature control, improved mechanical properties of steel plates, and improved surface quality in this field.

Basic parameters:

Raw material steel plate thickness: 0.20-2 mm

Steel plate width: 800mm-1300mm

Maximum stack height: 5600 mm

Inner diameter: Φ 508mm

Maximum outer diameter: Φ 2050m

Maximum coil weight: 28000Kg

Production capacity: 350000 tons/year