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Job responsibilities: Male, with a high school degree or above, at least two years of electrical industry experience, able to understand basic electrical drawings, able to operate basic circuit maintenance, and able to accept college graduates



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Job Description Requirements with a certain degree of literacy, able to use tools to scrape, grind, repair type of parts and other processing, able to independently carry out general mechanical maintenance work, 1-2 years of work experience

Foreign trade salesman


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Job Description College or above international trade or English related majors, English level 4 or above, strong English writing and speaking skills; able to independently develop foreign customers, through the network, exhibitions and other platforms to develop customers; responsible for foreign customer tracking as well as order tracking; foreign trade work experience is preferred.

Maintenance Worker, Administration Building Logistics


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Job Description Responsible for the daily maintenance of the administration building and dormitories and other matters assigned by the leadership.

Sales representative


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Job Description. 1, clear the company's sales targets, and strive to achieve the sales targets issued by the manager; 2、Responsible for the development, maintenance and management of new customers; 3, accept customer consultation, according to customer requirements to provide suitable project programme and quotation; 4, timely handling of customer comments, and customers to maintain good relations of cooperation 5、Other work related to product sales. Job requirements. 1, high school education, love the sales industry, familiar with all kinds of sales operating platforms 2, more than two years of sales experience, can use all kinds of sales platform to develop customers independently, and maintain good relations with customers, cold plate and galvanised sheet sales experience is preferred.