Principles of safety production

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Safety production must follow the following principles:

1. The principle of combining prior education with prior prevention

Enterprise safety production is not only related to the property interests of the enterprise, but also directly affects the life safety of its employees. Therefore, safety production must be jointly completed by the enterprise and employees. Enterprises not only need to do a good job in safety inspection, strict security, and other preventive work in advance, but also need to conduct in-depth safety knowledge education for employees, so that employees are aware of the importance of safety production and the necessity of preventive measures, in order to achieve "prevention in the bud".

2. The principle of combining pre prevention and post rescue

In the production and operation process of enterprises, even with strict prevention measures, there are still some unexpected events that will inevitably occur. This requires enterprises to take emergency remedial measures after unexpected events occur, in order to minimize the losses caused to the enterprise and the damage to personnel

To a small extent. After handling unexpected events, it is necessary to promptly summarize the causes and lessons learned of the accidents, and apply them to prevention and education in advance, in order to minimize or avoid the recurrence of the same event as much as possible.


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