2020 Southeast New Science Christmas Gala

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  Love is like sunshine, it can warm people's hearts.

  With the support of the company's chairman and general manager, Southeast New Technology's Christmas this year is particularly unique. The company contributed some funds and snacks, which were planned by Haili, the office building of the company, and representatives of some employees' families, and held a Christmas party. The planning team arranged a lively and festive venue, prepared the children's favorite snacks, desserts, and various gifts, and prepared them very abundantly.

  Before the party, Santa Claus knocked on the children's door and gave them gifts, which surprised the children who received the gifts. Hurry up the gift and queue up with anticipation and joy to enter the venue, ready to start the Christmas party! The party hosted by Santa Claus attracted the arrival of 50 children. Looking at the colorful lights, lovely Christmas trees, and colorful balloons, the children exclaimed one after another, 'How beautiful!'!

  At the party, everyone played games, found new friends, danced, and even competed to perform on stage, showcasing their talents. It turned out that all the babies in Southeast New Science are so outstanding! That night, a sweet smile permeated every child's face, and parents were also infected by their children's laughter, as if returning to their childhood. The most anticipated lucky draw for children has arrived, with a 100% winning rate allowing every child to receive gifts. Although the prizes are ranked second, every child is exceptionally satisfied. In the end, everyone took a photo with Santa Claus amidst cheers, leaving a precious memory and the party successfully concluded.

  When children fall asleep with gifts in their arms, parents still sigh: Southeast New Science and Technology is really a warm big family, with a hopeful future

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