2020 Thank You Customer Appreciation Party

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  The year 2020, which is about to pass, is an extraordinary year for the world. The epidemic is rampant, and the market is sluggish. However, with the correct decision-making of the company's senior management and the joint efforts of all employees, as of November this year, a total of 2.4 billion yuan in sales have been achieved, and the annual target has been basically achieved by the end of the year. In order to lay the foundation for sales in 2021, the company held a customer appreciation dinner at the Radisson Platinum Hotel in Hangzhou on the evening of December 10th, inviting major partners from galvanizing and cold rolling to attend together.
  This banquet invited Zhao Zhe, the host of Hangzhou TV, to host, and in particular invited Mr. Cao Jianyong from Shanghai Steel Union to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the steel market this year and next, providing a clearer understanding of the future trend of the steel market.
  In order to strengthen cooperation between enterprises and customers and broaden sales prospects, the company selected six best partners based on this year's sales volume, invited them to come on stage and presented awards, hoping to inspire more partners to become more closely connected with our Southeast New Technology and progress together.
  The chairman of the company, Guo Linlin, gave an impassioned welcome speech and expressed gratitude to every customer for their continued support and trust. Amidst laughter and applause, the dinner party officially kicked off, and we also hope that Southeast New Technology can create more brilliance in the new year!

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