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Promote Safe Production Work to a New Level - Safety Production Training Seminar

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Recently, in order to further improve the level of safety production management, enhance employees' safety awareness, promote the effective implementation of safety production activities, ensure the safety and stability of workshops, and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents in workshops, the company hired Xiaoshan District safety production expert Han Yongkang to be in charge of the administration. Floor conference room for safety production training lectures. There are more than 70 members of each workshop (department) team leader and safety production leading group who participated in the education and training. "Body skin, parents, not dare to damage, the beginning of filial piety." Han Yongkang's teacher took a sentence from the "Xiao Jing and Kai Zong Ming" as the beginning of the safety training and attracted the attention of all trainees. In this training, Mr. Han learned about the current status of production safety, corporate safety culture construction, mechanical and electrical injury accidents and their prevention, lifting, and forklift operation safety. With illustrations, news reports, accident analysis, and on-the-spot commentary, the broadcast explained many of the major accidents that have occurred in recent years and the recent instance videos that have occurred in our district. Based on the knowledge of safe production, the cause of the accident was introduced and caused. The hazard situation. The shocking pictures and figures have greatly shocked the hearts of all participating trainees and deeply realized the importance of "safety production responsibility is more important than Mount Tai." At the same time, Mr. Han combined with the actual situation of our company, pointed out the shortcomings in the company's current safety production through a series of questions and answers, and put forward corresponding guidance and recommendations.
       The safety production knowledge training lecture was a complete success. After the class, the students said that through this training, they have a deeper understanding of the company's safe production. In future production operations, they must set an example, improve safety skills, and play a leading role.