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Provincial party school training class visited our company

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On April 16, 2012, a delegation of 60 people from the Provincial Party School Training Course led by Hong Hangyong, deputy director of the Hangzhou People’s Congress Standing Committee, visited the company. Hong Songfa, Member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Executive Deputy Governor, Zhou Liming, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of the Economic Development Zone, the Department of Political Affairs of the District Committee, the District Development and Reform Bureau, and the person in charge of the District Economic and Development Bureau accompanied the inspection.
    The company's general manager Guo Linlin and other company leaders led the inspection team members to visit the company's production workshops such as pickling, rolling mill, general cold and galvanizing. During the visit, the inspection team carried out detailed understanding and instructions on various aspects such as production process and products.
    The strategic positioning of the Greater Jiangdong region is supported by the highly concentrated development of advanced manufacturing industries, high-tech industries, modern service industries, and airport industries, with modern industrial functions, integrated service functions, and high-end urban functions, compact and highly efficient, multi-component, and harmonious symbiosis. The new city suitable for human settlements is "Pudong, Hangzhou". The southeast plate is a large enterprise with advanced manufacturing as the main feature of Jiangdong Industrial Park. It has always been concerned and supported by society and government. When Director Hung had served as secretary of the Xiaoshan District Committee, he visited the company more often to guide and guide the company, and he always attached great importance to the development of our company. This visit to our company with the training class of the Provincial Party School is to present our company as a typical representative and image of the Dajiang East Industrial Park to the inspection team. Under the guidance of governments at all levels, the company is also actively obeying the leadership, accelerating the development of production, and strive to make the southeast sheet bigger and stronger.