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Supported by independent innovation and technological transformation to promote the optimization and upgrading of major metallur

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Source: China Metallurgical News
    During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the steel industry should focus on structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, supported by independent innovation and technological transformation, continuously improve the core competitiveness of the Chinese steel industry, and insist on the optimization and upgrading of major metallurgical equipment to drive the entire industry. The optimization and upgrading of the industry will accelerate the transition from a focus on scale expansion to a focus on the quality and efficiency of varieties.” On October 11, the delegates reached such an agreement at the Conference on Independent Innovation and Localization of Major Metallurgical Equipment in the Iron and Steel Industry in Beijing. consensus.
     Zhang Changfu, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Iron and Steel Association, Luo Tiejun, Deputy Director of Raw Materials Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Li Zhongjuan, Deputy Inspector of the Department of Industry Coordination of the National Development and Reform Commission, Xinting Hui, Director of the State Council Planning and Development Bureau of the State Council, and Vice President of China Metallurgical Corporation Huang Dan, Deputy Secretary-General of Steel Association Li Xinchuang, Executive Vice President of China Metallurgical Newspaper Co., Ltd. Lu Wenyan and Assistant General Manager of Anshan Iron and Steel Company Liu Jun attended the conference. Wang Xiaoqi, vice chairman of the Steel Association, presided over the morning meeting.
     At the meeting, Luo Tiejun said that China’s iron and steel industry has gone from introduction, digestion and absorption to independent integration and independent innovation. It has basically achieved the capability of independent safeguarding of major process equipment such as iron, coke, fire, steel and rolling. The obvious drop in investment has met the needs of the development and construction of the iron and steel industry. With regard to the current gap between China's integration with advanced countries and its manufacturing level, China’s iron and steel industry must continue to adhere to independent innovation, focusing on upgrading of steel products, improving quality, and energy conservation and emission reduction. Through equipment upgrading and process innovation, the steel industry will be promoted to implement technological transformation. Provide strong support for the sustainable development of China's steel industry and implementation of the "going out" strategy.
     Afterwards, Li Zhongjuan introduced the projects relying on the autonomy of China's major metallurgical equipment. She said that with the completion of the Baoshan Meishan Cold Rolling Project, the construction of major iron and steel bases such as Anshan Bayuquan Co., Ltd. and Shougang Caofeidian, the transformation and relocation of the Maanshan New District, the Xingang New Area, and the Dongbei Special Steel Dalian New District will be upgraded. China’s large-scale coke ovens and large-scale converters , Slab continuous casting and rolling, sheet hot rolling, cold rolling and other large-scale main equipment to achieve the realization of domestic, China has been fully automated process design, independent integration of the construction of 10 million-ton modern steel capacity. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, iron and steel enterprises and equipment R&D and manufacturing enterprises shall, in accordance with the requirements of the “State Council’s Several Opinions on Accelerating the Revitalization of the Equipment Manufacturing Industry,” use market-oriented mechanisms and methods to strengthen cooperation and sharing among production, education, research, and use. The investment in independent innovation and localization of metallurgical equipment will focus on all-round R&D of the main body, supporting facilities, and important parts and components to improve the core competitiveness of steel and metallurgical equipment manufacturing.
     Zhang Changfu made a report at the meeting titled "Strive to promote the independent innovation and localization of major metallurgical equipment and improve the core competitiveness of China's steel industry." Zhang Changfu pointed out that during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, China's iron and steel industry was faced with key tasks and objectives such as structural adjustment, energy conservation and emission reduction, and improvement of product quality. It also raised the reliability, stability, and economy of the overall level of metallurgical equipment. Strict requirements. The iron and steel industry must strengthen technological transformation of enterprises, greatly improve the accuracy of metallurgical equipment; establish a sound technological innovation system, R&D investment accounts for 2% of main business income; and independent and innovative technological processes such as green and low-carbon smelting and comprehensive utilization of resources make progress and efficiency. The common key technologies such as production and energy saving and emission reduction have been widely used. The important goal is to make localization of major metallurgical equipment, promote the establishment of innovative strategic alliances involving enterprises, research institutes, universities, and downstream users, and improve the national engineering laboratory, key laboratory, engineering technology (research) center, and enterprise technology of the iron and steel industry. The construction of technology innovation platforms such as the Center will lay a solid foundation for enhancing the independent innovation capability and core competitiveness of the steel industry.
     Wang Xiaoqi stated at the meeting that the large-scale construction period of the steel industry has passed, and new projects for steel companies have been reduced, and the demand for equipment is also shrinking. The equipment manufacturing industry must transfer the focus of independent innovation to the technological transformation of iron and steel enterprises. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the steel industry will pay more attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, improve the environment, and pay attention to the continuous improvement of the quality of varieties, which will provide a continuous and broad market for technological transformation. At the same time, he said that steel users' demand for steel products is changing, and equipment manufacturers must not only adapt to this change, but also see the direction of future changes, so that independent innovation of metallurgical equipment can adapt to this direction of development.
     Li Xinchuang pointed out in his speech at the meeting in the afternoon that the Chinese steel industry should focus on five aspects: First, speed up product structure adjustment, improve product quality stability, and further meet high standards. The second is to speed up the construction of the industrial chain, especially to accelerate the construction of upstream resources. This is the most urgent and extremely arduous task for China's steel industry. The third is to make great efforts in energy conservation and emission reduction to adapt to environmental friendly and green development. Fourth, it is more urgent for enterprises to speed up joint reorganization, and efforts should be made to increase the overall industrial concentration; Fifth, further optimize the layout. Li Xinchuang raised three hopes for equipment manufacturing enterprises: First, during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the intensity of technological transformation in China’s steel industry will be further increased, and equipment manufacturing companies should pay attention to and seize this opportunity and development space; China's metallurgical equipment manufacturing enterprises must actively implement the "going out" strategy and must actively and orderly develop the international market. Third, equipment companies must pay attention to and study the development trend of the "12th Five-Year Plan" of the steel industry and better cooperate with steel users. To achieve mutual benefit and common development.
     At the meeting, MCC Capital, Taiyuan Heavy Industry, Anshan Iron and Steel, North University, Baosteel, China Heavy Machinery Research Institute, MCC CCID, Shougang, Xi'an Shaanxi Drum, Heavy Steel and other steel and equipment manufacturers and representatives of research institutes and universities , exchanged experience of independent research and development achievements and market application effects.
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