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Welcome to G20, strengthen safety production - "red armband" in action

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On the occasion of the National Safe Production Month, at the same time, in order to welcome the G20 and serve the G20, the company’s Safety Production Leading Group has decided to carry out safety supervision “red armband” actions at the production site. We hope that through this action, we will give full play to the role of professional and part-time security personnel and team members in work safety production, and create a good atmosphere in which everyone attaches importance to safety and all employees participate in safety management, and further enhance the employees' own safety awareness and participation in safety management. Sexually, it will effectively reduce and correct the “three violations” in production operations, promptly identify and rectify various types of safety hazards, and effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of various types of safety accidents.
       Safety supervisors must wear “red armbands” every day to conduct regular inspections of safety production conditions, and focus on checking safety production rules and regulations and the implementation of safety operation regulations for various job positions; correct wear and use of employees’ labor protection supplies; equipment, Safety operation of facilities; safety production site management; detection and monitoring of dangerous sources. In particular, illegal operations, illegal command, and adventurous behaviors should be stopped in time to eliminate unsafe factors and hidden accidents. If you do not listen to dissatisfaction, immediately report it step by step, and make detailed records of the daily safety supervision and inspection.
       For safety supervisors who do not wear "red armbands" as required at the production site, the company will warn and examine them. Safety supervisors must fulfill their duties and obligations with due diligence in their work. They dare to ask them to manage their own operations, strictly control the safety clearances at the scene, and use rigorous and meticulous work attitudes to check safety hazards, grasp and supervise rectification, and ensure early detection of symptoms and early detection of hidden dangers. Effectively play a supervisory role and the role of words and deeds, actively promote the good atmosphere of operating according to the rules, and play its due role for the safe production of enterprises.