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The company organizes fire safety training

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In order to enhance the fire safety awareness and legal concept of our company's employees, raise employees' awareness of fire prevention and extinguishment, master the necessary fire safety knowledge and skills, prevent accidents and ensure the safety of company employees and company property, November 12, 2011 In the afternoon, the company specially invited the Dong Instructor of the Xiaoshan Fire Brigade to hold a seminar on fire safety knowledge for employees. A total of more than 100 people from the company's administrative staff and designated staff from each workshop participated in the training.
       The training first reported the fire conditions in recent years across the country in the form of video broadcasts. It listed a large number of fire incidents in the industry for everyone to watch. The scene was shocking and terrifying, and its intention was to require the majority of employees to pay for it at the expense of blood. Lessons learned in the case, so that everyone is deeply aware of the importance of fire safety. Then, the Instructor of Dong explained the basic knowledge of fire safety, put forward the construction of fire safety “four capabilities” and the basic requirements of “Four Understandings and Four Meetings”. The construction of “Four Capabilities” means the ability to inspect and correct fire hazards. The group’s ability to save the fire at the beginning of the fire, the ability to organize and guide people to evacuate, and the ability to educate and train firefighters’ propaganda; “Four Understands” means to: 1 Understand the country’s fire safety laws and regulations, and the unit’s fire safety management system and post responsibility system; 2 Understand the work , unsafe factors in life and preventive measures; 3 know how to save the fire from the beginning; 4 know how to evacuation plan; "four meetings" means that 1 will correctly report the fire; 2 will use all types of fire fighting equipment correctly; 3 will save the first fire 4 will evacuate the crowd. Finally, according to the company's current fire situation, the Dong Instructor explained and explained in detail how to use the fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire, how to organize the evacuation of the personnel, and how to escape from the fire.
       Through this fire safety training, some employees were warned about the lack of awareness of fire safety and the seriousness of fire prevention knowledge, which further strengthened the sense of responsibility of the company's employees in the fire safety management, and improved the ability of trainees to deal with and deal with fire hazards. "Safety first" concept. Trainees deeply felt the importance of fire safety and promised to lead other company employees in the future work together to actively carry out fire safety precautions to avoid any fire safety hazards.