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Development Area Management Committee leaders visited and researched our company

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On March 21, 2012, the leader of Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee led by Xiaochao Zhang, deputy director of the Management Committee of Development Zone, visited the company to inspect and guide the work. Deputy Director Chen Xingkang of Development Zone Management Committee Qin Jianyun, director of the party and government office, Wang Jianwei, director of the Economic Development Bureau, Luo Chunying, deputy director of the China Merchants Bureau, and Huang Yongfang, deputy director of the Party Administration Office, accompanied them to attend the seminar. Guo Linlin, general manager of the company, Sun Guoxiang, deputy general manager of the company, Xing Guimin, vice president of production, Xu Miaohuan, deputy general manager of transportation, Li Yuanlong, deputy director of the office, and other leaders all accompanied the participants.
    Guo Linlin, general manager of the company, first welcomed and thanked the director of the company, and gave a detailed report on the company’s overall production and operation. Guo pointed out: At present, the company's production and operation are generally in a good development trend. In 2011, the company’s output value included nearly 3 billion yuan, a record high. Since the start of the 2012 holiday season, production has been operating normally, production output has increased slightly from the previous year, and sales have risen steadily. In the general environment where the social and economic situation is not so clear and industry demand is insufficient, the southeastern thin slabs respond to changes in the situation, identify market positioning, make efforts to transform, adjust product mix, make full use of the advantages of the company’s advanced equipment and processes, and develop new products. Try to avoid homogenous competition. At the same time, Guo also proposed some objective problems: The reduction in social investment in fixed assets has led to a reduction in the demand in the industry; the fierce competition in homogenization; the shortage of social capital; and the difficulty in employment. With the opportunity of this investigation, Director Guo Guozheng also pointed out to the leaders of the Management Committee some practical problems in the enterprise: some road grade problems in Jiangdong Park, problems with Jiangdong First Road construction, improvement of supporting facilities in the park, policy support issues, and energy supply. Pricing issues, etc. As a large-scale enterprise in the Jiangdong Park, the Southeast Plate hopes to gain more understanding and support from the local government. It is hoped that the leaders will focus on solving the actual difficulties in implementing the company.
    Director Zhu and others carefully listened to the detailed report of the person in charge of the company and fully affirmed the achievements made by the company. According to the director, although there have been many visits to the southeastern plate, the survey was a “master” mentality in the true sense of the visit to the Southeast plate. Through Guo's introduction, the company has basically understood the company's production and operation conditions and employees. The southeast plate is a bright spot in the development zone. Almost all senior leaders visited the site and the southeast plate is the first enterprise in the Jiangdong Industrial Park. Although the current economy is relatively sluggish, the low period has different tests for different companies. The economic downturn is a process of survival and elimination of the fittest for the enterprise. Bad companies may be eliminated during this period, but good companies and low valleys are precisely opportunities and challenges. The southeastern thin plate must pass through this economic downturn. It must speed up “seeing”, speed up “hands-on”, improve the quality of employees, strengthen corporate management, and create a high-quality team that can accurately analyze, research, and judge the market. After thick and thin, and create greater glories.
    During the discussion, Director Zhu made detailed inquiries on the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of the southeast sheet, and responded one by one. According to the director, the management committee is the service provider of all enterprises. In the current situation of uncertain economic development, the investigation of the company is aimed at smoothing the channels for communication between the company and the government, and trying to solve the problem in the actual development process. Various difficulties and problems encountered. Regarding the difficulties reflected by the Southeast plate, the management committee will certainly study it carefully and solve it under the conditions it can. It is hoped that the company will continue to support government work and participate in social development while strengthening its own development.