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Zhejiang Industrial Agglomeration Comprehensive Assessment Team visited our company

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On April 1, 2012, the provincial-level industrial agglomeration comprehensive assessment team led by Zhang Shankun, deputy director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the deputy director of the Provincial Economic Development Office (the provincial industrial agglomeration zone), came to our company for on-site inspection and evaluation. The deputy director of the Administrative Committee of the Xiaoshan Economic Development Zone and the director of the Jiangdong Industrial Park, Zhou Liming and other relevant department heads accompanied the assessment.
Guo Linlin, general manager of the company, led the evaluation team to visit the production plant area and went deep into the production workshops for guidance. The evaluation team carefully inspected the production process flow of each workshop, and highly praised the advanced processing equipment, processes and high-quality products of the Southeast sheet.
As a representative enterprise of Jiangdong Industrial Park, the southeast thin plate, under the correct leadership and active encouragement of governments at all levels, adhering to the management concept of “fine management, agile management”, giving full play to its own equipment and process advantages, and promoting the optimal allocation of resources. . Faced with the global economic integration, fierce competition environment and increasingly complex and ever-changing market demands, under the guidance of the relevant policies of the state and the government, with the strong support of all sectors of society, and with the joint efforts of all employees of the company, the company will More excellent quality, more first-class products, more sincere service, and comprehensively promote the southeast sheet to a new level.